July 20, 2011


The pistol squat is one of my favorite exercise as mentioned in many of my previous post, it’s a great way to build up lower body strength,flexibility and balance. In this tutorial I’ll show you step by step instruction, and different methods on how to achieve your first pistol squat.

The pistol squat is a very advanced exercise, so it’s never a good idea to jump right into a full pistol squat. So here is 3 very simple approach on how to train for the pistol squat.

TIPS: As with every exercise done, proper form is EXTREMELY important to avoid injuries.

  • Keep the heels of the foot on the floor, avoid rocking your foot.
  • use your toes to grip the floor, instead of rocking on your toes, gripping the flooring with your toes increases your balance and your chances of doing a pistol squat.
  • Its always a good idea to stretch your lower body as often as you can to gain more flexibility in your lower body. The muscles are quad,gluts,hamstrings, and hip flexors .

Method #1    Using a bench

The first method is using a bench or any flat higher surface your sit on  as a spotter, begin by sitting on the bench, one leg out and the other raised off the floor, press up through the leg on the floor until you’re in a standing position, and repeat the movement.

As you progressively become better try to stop sitting on the bench, and merely use it as a guide of how low to squat. your body should barely make contact with the bench.

Once the exercise becomes too easy, it’s time to lower the surface. The next step is to progressively lower the surface until you can get a full pistol squat without the any support needed.

Method # 2 Cable Machine

The second method involves the using the cable machine. The cables should be set over your head and the weight should be about half your body weight to start. As the exercise becomes too easy Progressively lower the weights until none is necessary and you are able to do a full body weight pistol Squat.

Method#3 Suspension trainers

Suspension equipments is a great way to progressively get to your first pistol squat. Hold the suspension trainer close to your chest, giving you enough room to extend your arms. stand straight, and lift one foot off the floor, then squat down. The goal with using a suspension trainer, is trying to use minimal upper body strength as possible, most of the work should be done by your lower body when training towards your goal of achieving a pistol squat .

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