July 22, 2011


The L sit is one of the most effective core exercise that can be progressed into many  advanced exercises. Unlike crunches and many of the commercial ab machines that mainly target your Rectus abdominal, the L sit uses the core as a whole (meaning in order for you to hold an L Sit all your core muscle has to be actively working) including those Very important deep tissue core muscle.

In this Tutorial I’ll share 2 very simple method on how to progressively train for your first L sit.

If you never heard of an L sit, this is what it basically looks like. Your body is basically in a 90 degree angle.

Method #1 using a pull up bar

The first thing when training for an L Sit on a pull up bar or monkey bar is to practice hanging leg raise.

Beginner’s Version

Advanced Version

To start the hanging leg raise lift your  legs folded as high as you can, once you master the beginner’s version  try the Advanced version by keeping your legs straight and lifting it until your toes touch the bar.


Once you master the Hanging leg raise, the next step is to raise your legs folded and try to hold it at that position as long as you can, as shown in the first picture above. In the next progression you’re going to extend one leg out straight and switch to the other leg.

The next progression will be to just go for the full L Sit.

Method#2 Using the floor or parallel bars

If you’re new to the L sit i wouldn’t recommend to start your practice on the floor, since it’s a lot harder. The best place to start if you don’t have a pull up bar would be to use parallel bars or push up bars.

set the push up bars on the side you, make sure it’s comfortable enough at the width it is,  push up through the bar lifting your body off the floor. If you’re having a hard time keeping your legs straight bend them as shown in the picture  and progressively work at keeping them straight.


Well that’s no problem,one of my personal favorite place to do an L sit is on a slide.You can almost find a playground anywhere nowadays.

Doing an L Sit on a slide will work the same way as doing it with parallel bars or a push up bars.


That’s no problem either the good old floor works fine as well.

Doing on L sit on flat hands takes a lot more strength and hip flexibility so i wouldn’t recommend for an absolute beginner.

Finger tip grip might be a little more appropriate for a beginner. Basically just put your finger on the floor and push up through them.

When doing an L sit on the floor it’s always a good idea to practice it on a soft surface.

2 thoughts on “L SITS TUTORIAL

  • Thanks for the tutorial. I’m 75 and working hard to learn the L-sit to press handstand. I need all the help I can get. Thanks again.

    • Hi Great to hear that keep working hard at it I am sure you will get it soon
      god luck let me know any way i can help.

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