July 12, 2011


The Lunge is one of my favorite exercise, it’s an exercise that can be applied to anyone’s daily life, weather you’re an average Joe, or a performance athlete, you preform lunging at some time through out the day. It’s a challenging movement as both the upper body and lower body have to work together yet independently in achieving the movement in a balanced manner. when doing a Lunge or any other exercise, maintaining proper form is one of the most important things, so start at the beginners level and work your way to the advance levels.

Reverse Lunge.

The reverse Lunge is a great place to start if you never preformed a lunge, start by holding a stick, or next to a wall so you don’t lose balance, and work at it until you can do it without the support.







Forward lunge

The forward lunge is the exact opposite of the reverse lunge, instead of lunging backwards you lunge forward.







Forward lunge with Dumbbell Shoulder press

The forward lunge with dumbbell shoulder press is a great exercise. You should master doing body-weight lunge’s before attempting to this exercise.







Check out the video. I included a few more variation in the video:


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