Lower Body Stretches




Learn how to easily and properly stretch your lower body to prevent Injuries.





Whether you’re a marathon runner, or someone who never even jogged a mile. stretching your lower body can greatly improve any pain or discomforts you are feeling. But lets first take a look at the major muscle groups your lower body consists of.

  1. Quadriceps(Thighs)
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Glutes( your buttocks)
  4. Calves

Quadriceps Stretch

1. A great stretch for […]


L sit

Learn how to workout using whatever surrounding you have

The most common excuse i hear for people gaining weight on vacation is that they didn’t have access to a gym so they couldn’t workout. Well i have good news for you today I’ll share with you some basic moves that can be done using your surroundings. i was in a wood lodge cabin in up state N.Y .

Decline push up

This exercise can be done almost anywhere, just find a wall, a tree or anything to put you body in an elevated position as demonstrated below. make sure your body is […]