strenght training


In most sports having a combination of strength , power & endurance will greatly benefit you and usually complement each other. But When you are training with a specific goal this can become very confusing and is possibly one of the most misunderstood aspect of fitness. Training for either power  strength or endurance requires very different […]

HOW TO MAKE A BALANCE BOARD The Balance Board is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. I recently looked into buying one because most commercial gym or in this case my school gym don’t offer one. I was shocked when I saw how expensive they were. So I decided to create my own. GETTING STARTED Materials needed: PVC pipe-  The diameter of […]


HOW TO DO A BACK-BRIDGE Bridging Your Way to Better Health   The Back bridge is an exercise that has withstood time, it’s almost certain that any Yoga book you open you will see some sort of bridging variation. The great thing about the Bridge is how many bio-mechanical issues are addressed with a single movement. Not only does it activate your gluteal […]


  The Burpree is one of my all time favorite exercise. It is one of the exercises the NFL, the U.S Military and almost all high performance athletes have in common. It is a compound movement meaning it works a number of different muscle groups at the same time, and can really challenge your cardiovascular system. It is a combination of a […]

Healthy Smoothies

  Smoothie time is here again  Smoothie’s are one of favorite things to drink in the summer. Unfortunately most smoothie sold in bottles, and even those at smoothie shops are packed with either a ton of low quality protein powder, or refined sugar; and in some cases contains both. In order to continue drinking cool […]

Raising the bar

  I got my hands on the E-book of Raising the bar by Al Kavadlo a few days ago. It was absolutely amazing to see the variety of exercises that can be done from just a simple pull up bar. The book demonstrated how to use the Bar to work every different Body part, and simple […]