Tires are one of the most inexpensive and effective equipment you can use to exercise. They are basically free if you visit any local tire shop and range from about 10 to 800 pounds. Plus they are  fun to use and brings out the big kid in you. When most people hear the word exercise and tire in the same sentence the first thing that come to mind is the flipping the tire (tire flip).The tire flips is an amazing exercise but you can also use a tire in many different ways beyond just the regular tire flip. So below I will show you a few different ways to utilize a tire in your workouts.

Tire Flip


The tire flip is one of the most basic exercise you can do using at lease a slightly heavy tire and is certainly the most popular. It is a great exercise to develop explosive lifting and pushing movement patterns. If you break down the movements involved in the  tire flip. The end result is a dead-lift then an explosive push. One of the key thing that hardly ever gets mentioned is to really engage your core when push the tire. Most people keep a tight core when dead-lifting it up but get lazy when pushing it and just tip it over.

Tire Flip & jump



The flip and jump is a great exercise. It incorporates all the benefits of a tire flip but with the addition of plyometric jumps in between each flip. Simply just do the regular tire flip but jump into the donut hole of the tire and jump then jump to the opposite side and repeat it over again.


Overhead Press                                                   

overhead pressYou will need to use a lighter tire to do this but it work quite well. Using a tire to do overhead press challenges your body in a complete different way. It is quite a challenge to stabilize the tire when you are holding it overhead vs using a barbell which is a lot easier to grip. To get the tire over head you need to kind of clean it except your head will go into the donut hole of the tire, from there you press the tire up . Plus it’s a lot of fun slamming it into the ground when you are finish.

       Tire  Drag


The Tire drag is a great exercise to train your  explosive pulling patterns. Simply just grab thetire pull cover tire and pull it towards you. The key thing here is to make sure you are keeping good form( tight core and use your and make sure the shoulders are packed)

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