In most sports having a combination of strength , power & endurance will greatly benefit you and usually complement each other. But When you are training with a specific goal this can become very confusing and is possibly one of the most misunderstood aspect of fitness. Training for either power  strength or endurance requires very different ways of training to best accomplish your specific goal.

First off lets take a look exactly these components are, and how to train them.


strenght training

Strength is defined as the ability of a specific group of muscles to produce maximal force at a specific speed which is typically slow and normally within a single exertion.( Basically lifting extremely heavy. If you can do more than five reps you most likely aren’t training for strength.)

How to training for muscular Strength

Normally when you are training for strength it requires very heavy resistance, a low number of repetition and a very long rest period. According to the NSCA guideline for strength training you should do ≥ 85% of your 1 Rep Max, between 2-6 repetition and between 2-6 sets with a work-rest ratio of 1:12-1:20.

Example: Doing a Dead-lift at 90% of your 1 RM , 3-5 reps and 3-5 sets. For your rest period if it took you 10 sec to do the 3 reps . You just multiply that by 20 which will be a total of about 3 min and 18 sec to rest.

Example of Activities that uses A lot of strength Training are Powerlifting, Strong -man compitions and NFL defensive Lineman

Explosive Power

 Power is when a Muscle or group of muscles is able to produce a lot of force at a very high rate of movement.

How to train for explosive power

powerNormally power training involves doing very explosive movements. According to the NSCA if you are doing a single effort exercise it should be 80-90% 1RM for 1-2 Reps and a multiple effort exercise 75-85% 1RM for 3-5 sets and 3-5 reps per set.

Example : Doing a Power Clean at 85% 1RM for 2-6 sets and 1-2 reps. Since it is such a complex multijoint exercise with such an excessive load, the Rest period should be between a work to rest ratio of 1:12 -1:20. so in the same case if it took you 10 sec to do the exercise you are looking at a rest period between 2.00- 3.18 minutes.

Example of a sport that use alot of explosive power is Olympic lifting , long jump, shot put


Muscle endurance is when a group of muscle can generate sub-maximal  force by doing  either a repeated moment or maintaining a static position over a period of time.

How to train for Muscular Endurance

 Normally to train muscle endurance it requires doing a number of repetition of an exercise or holding a static position for a long time. For example doing push ups or pull ups to failure or holding onto a pull up bar until your muscle are exhausted and you can no longer hold on.

This is a great video I found of old school strength and power 

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