The Balance Board is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. I recently looked into buying one because most commercial gym or in this case my school gym don’t offer one. I was shocked when I saw how expensive they were. So I decided to create my own.


Materials needed:

PVC pipe–  The diameter of the pipe I used is 4″ which seemed to work great for me. Feel free to get a bigger size or smaller size based on your goals. I had the plumbing department in the hardware store I bought it cut it to the appropriate size I wanted.

Plywood- The plywood I used is about 4 feet in length but this varies depending on your height. The piece I used was just an old piece I had laying around but you can find plywood at almost any lumber or hardware store. I would recommend using something somewhat thicker to support your weight. I used a regular hand saw to cut the plywood to the size I needed.

Optional: Stoppers which are basically two small piece of wood at the end of the board that will stop you when you get to the end of the board. I personally don’t like these on a balance board so I didn’t build it onto my balance board, but it can certainly be done fairly easily. Use 2 piece of wood about 1″ thick and the length should be the width of the board. Line it up with the end of the board and nail it onto the board. Be sure to nail it from the top of the board so you don’t get poked by the nail if you are on the balance board barefoot.

This is basically all the equipment needed to create a decent balance board. You can get creative and decorate your board by painting it or adding your own individual touches to it.





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