The Burpree is one of my all time favorite exercise. It is one of the exercises the NFL, the U.S Military and almost all high performance athletes have in common. It is a compound movement meaning it works a number of different muscle groups at the same time, and can really challenge your cardiovascular system. It is a combination of a squat, a push up, and a vertical jump. And the great thing is all you need to preform this exercise is just your body-weight.



Basic burpee: At it’s most basic form the burpee consist of 3 basic movement.

  1. A squat
  2. A plank
  3. A Vertical Jump








Getting started: All you need to get started is a small space. Start off by squatting and kicking both  feet out into a push up or Plank position . Do a push up, Then jumping back onto both feet and verticlelly jumping as high as you can. The challenge is to try to do this as fast as you can.

Beginner Modifications: The burpree can be modified into an easier version. If your push up skills aren’t  too good yet, simply substitute the regular push up for a beginners push up on your knees. You can also start off at a slower pace and as your cardiovascular endurance increases you can modify your pace as necessary.

More advanced versions: The burpee is one of those exercise that you can always adjust to somehow challenge yourself. The addition of pull-up and plyometric movement in addition with the bupree can really become a challenging exercise. To add pull-ups to the regular burpee. when doing the vertical jump part of the burpee, grab the pull up bar and do a pull up. And to add plyometric into the exercise do a clapping push up to replace the regular push up.

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