Healthy Smoothies


Smoothie time is here again 

Smoothie’s are one of favorite things to drink in the summer. Unfortunately most smoothie sold in bottles, and even those at smoothie shops are packed with either a ton of low quality protein powder, or refined sugar; and in some cases contains both. In order to continue drinking cool refreshing smoothies I decided to research ingredients that will give you a good tasting, high nutrition smoothie. that’s not only high in protein, but also contains a high level of nutrition as well. This research led me to create a smoothie¬† named because of its moss green color which is a result of the main ingredient Spriulina. Sprilulina is a sea weed that is said to contains the highest antioxidant level found in any food, and contains more protein pound for pound than beef.


  1. 1 tlb spoon of spriulina
  2. 1 chopped peach
  3. 1 TB spoon of natural cocoa powder
  4. 1 banana
  5. half cup organic milk
  6. 5 drops of vanilla essence (optional)
  7. ice cubes
  8. 1 TB spoon of organic agave syrup or natural maple syrup

How to Make it

Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend . For a more fruitful flavor use 2 peaches. Feel free to modify this by adding different kind of fruits based on your own liking, and more or less milk based on how thick you like your smoothies.


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