As a kid I remember how natural it was to jump rope, almost everyone knew how to. As we grow older many of these basic coordination patterns are forgotten. Jump roping can have a tremendous effect on your body’s cardiovascular system, and also gives you a great full body exercise. It can be manipulated through the use of different ropes to work on different goals, and the great thing about it is that you can buy a good jump rope for under $10.

Types of ropes

speed rope– The speed rope is the most popular jump rope, and it’s normally used by boxers. It allows the most number of turns per minutes and can be used to train for speed and coordination. The speed rope comes in many different variations: vinyl, leather or beads.

weight rope- The weighted ropes are great because they allow you to gain speed and coordination but also gives you a great upper body workout.

Jump rope can be a very intense endurance exercise so it’s very important to slowly progress into it.

Sequence of progression

  1. 2 Feet jump– This is usually the best place to start if you’re just getting back into jump roping. Simply jump and lift both feet off the floor.
  2. Alternating Feet jump– Keep one foot off the floor and use the other foot to jump. Alternate back and forth with each foot.
  3. Cross overs–  The cross over is an extremely good movement because it requires you to use coordination of both your upper body and lower body. To start simply do a two feet jump, but this time cross your hands when the rope is under your feet. Make sure that you cross your hand wide enough or else the rope will get caught on your feet.
  4. Doubles– The double is a great way to really increase your endurance. You preform a two feet jump but the goal is to turn the rope two times before your feet make contact with the ground. Most of the work is done by your wrist, so the idea is to move your wrist faster and your jumps remain at the same speed.

These are a few basic jump rope styles feel free to experiment and come up with something new.

Putting it all together

 Once you’ve mastered each of the style above combine them during your workout. Switch from one style to another, it becomes alot eaiser to jump rope for a longer period of time. You can also set time intervals to jump.

Here is an example of a time interval:

Week 1 – 10 intervals of 1 Min

Week 2 – 5 intervals of 2 Min

Week 3- 3 Intervals of 3 Min

Modify it as based on you fitness level and set goals to accomplish.

For more information check out the video:

This Video was done at Nimble Fitness

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