Most of the content I blog about mainly consist of body weight exercises. However there are a few weight training exercises that I think really matter, and can help you develop a tremendous amount of strength. Two of these exercises are: the Squat and the Dead Lift.


The Squat & Deadlift

The Squat– The squat is one of the oldest and most effective exercises. It is something that we do unconsciously everyday and it can benefit everyone; weather you’re an 18 year old teenager  or a 80 year old elderly person. Before attempting a weighted squat  you should make sure that you can perform a regular body weight squat with perfect form. Some key factors to keep in mind when doing a weighted squat is to keep your heels planted to the floor, and keep a straight line down your spine. Some progression that you can take to strengthen your regular body-weight squat are: Hindu Squat and Pistol Squats


The Deadlift– Just like the squat, the Deadlift is a very old and effective exercise.  It’s a full body exercise, that almost anyone can benefit from. While there are many different forms of deadlifts, the most common form is the barbell deadlift. Remember to keep your back straight and keep most of the weight on your heels. Most of the movement that occurs during a deadlift happens in your hips, so keeping your back straight doesn’t mean you cant lean forward. In fact leaning forward is part of doing a correct deadlift. When you’re doing a deadlift your heels should always be in contact with the floor.

For more information check out the video:

This video was done at Nimble Fitness


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