The Dragon flag is one the most challenging body-weight exercises. The first time I encounter someone doing the dragon flag was during a scene in Rocky III, I remember thinking to myself how cool it looked ,and how cool it would be if I could actually do it. While it looks like it only works the core, The dragon flag uses almost every muscle throughout your body, and can help you build a tremendous amount of strength & endurance.

These are a few simple progressions on how to train for the Dragon flag

Leg Raise

Leg Tuck







Leg raises– simply start by lying flat on a bench and try lifting your leg until it is aligned to a 90 degree angle with your body. The hanging leg raise is also another great exercise to add in combination with the regular leg raise to train towards achieving your first dragon flag.

Leg Tucks– Simply start by laying flat on a bench, do a regular leg raise and extend your hips towards the sky. Bring your hips back down and lower your leg for one repetition.

Negatives– Doing negatives is a great way to train for the dragon flag, simply start by doing a regular leg tuck, but this time on the way down perform the negative phase of the dragon flag.

Just as with any other advance exercise, practice makes perfect. These progressions are just a few of many ways to train towards achieving your first dragon flag. Feel free to experiment and create additional progressions as you train.


Check out the video for more info:

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