Most people are motivated to workout in hope of achieving a six pack. Unfortunately most of the exercises they do, consist of only working the rectus abdominis, while this is a very important muscle, isolating it can lead to muscle imbalance, which eventually can lead to you having an overall weak core.


Having a well balanced core simply means having all the muscle in your abdominal area working effectively, your core consists of the Rectus abdominis, internal and external obliques, and your transverse abdominis. All of these muscle play a very important role in stabilization, and usually work together to stabilize your trunk. The best way to work your abs is to work them the way they are meant to be worked.

The Plank– The Plank is one the the most effective abdominal exercises for a couple of different reasons, to start it doesn’t require you to have any fancy equipments, and can be done almost anywhere. check out my post on Plank if you’re not too sure how to properly do a plank.

Jack knife on a Swiss ball– The Jack knife can be an extremely effective Ab exercise if it’s done correctly, The first step is to get into a plank position with your hands on the floor, and your feet on the Swiss ball.Make sure that your body is alined in a straight line from your head to feet, then with control, slowly pull your feet towards your chest, return to the starting position and hold the plank position for ten seconds during every repetition. If at any time your hip starts to sink, it mean you’ve lost proper form and its time to stop or reposition yourself.

Hanging Leg circles– The Hanging leg circle is another great exercise that will force you to use your core muscle in a functional manner, to start, simply hang from a pull up bar and do a leg raise in a circular motion. Another similar exercise that also gives you a great core workout is the hanging leg raise, you can alternate between leg raise and leg circle to make the exercise more challenging.

L Sit- The L sit is one of my personal favorites, It’s the basic move to many advanced calisthenic exercises, and forces you to use all your core muscles in order for you to hold the L sit position.

 Check out the video for more info:

This video was shot at Nimble Fitness

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