The Hindu squat & Push ups are two of the most effective functional body-weight exercises; when combined they work your entire body, and can help you build a tremendous amount of strength,endurance, and flexibility.


The workout of a Champion: The Hindu Squats and Push Ups have been used by Indian wrestler for centuries. It is said that the Great Gama, an early 19th century east Indian wrestler who held a record of 5000 wins, and 0 losses during his 50 years wrestling career; Did 3000 Hindu push ups, and 1000 Hindu Squats everyday.

Speed:As with any exercise fluctuating the speed can greatly increase or decrease the intensity of the exercise. From my personal experience doing these exercises, going at a fast pace works my endurance more. While doing it at a slower and controlled pace it felt like I was getting more strength training done.

Hindu Push ups- The Hindu push up is an extremely effective full body exercise. It consist of 2 basic yoga moves, the Downward facing dog and cobra pose. To perform the Hindu Push up, simply start in the downward facing dog position, and then move into a cobra pose (without having your body make contact with the floor). Once you’re in the cobra pose simply lift your hips back to the starting position for a repetition.


Hindu Squats: The Hindu Squat is a non traditional way to squat. Most of us are taught to squat with our heels planted to the floor, while this might be very important  when performing any weight squats, your body is made to support your own body-weight. The Hindu squat is done by standing with your feet shoulder width apart & Pointing your toes straight ahead, next Exhale and lower your buttocks while raising your heels and lowering your hands behind your back until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Keep your back perpendicular to the floor, and Inhale deeply and pull your arms in as if you were rowing a boat. Come back up by pushing off your toes and extending your hand straight in front of you and inhale.

Check out the video for more Information:

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