Sticks & stones can break your bones, BUT did you know it could also be helpful in your exercise journey as well?

Learn how to workout using stuff that can easily be found outside.



What is a wall dip? The Reverse wall dip is a great functional exercise that can be done on almost any kind of ledge surface, just put your hands on the ledge and feet suspended on the wall as shown in the picture below, and do a dip. Beside being a great upper body exercise, the wall dip also works on the flexibly in your arms and shoulders.

 Walking Log Lunge

Before attempting to  do a log lunge, you should make sure you know how to do a regular lunge. So what is a log lunge?A log can be used to mimic a barbell in many different exercise,In this case it mimic’s the barbell lunge, thus the name log lunge, to increase the weight just simply find a bigger log.


As mention before in many of my previous posts, the pull up is the one of the most effective upper body exercise, it can be done almost anywhere, in this case on tree branches, doing a pull up on a tree branch requires  you using alot more gripping than a regular pull up do. If you’re not too good at doing pull ups, check out my pull up post to get started on doing pull ups.

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