Full contact Twist/Russian barbell twist


The full contact twist also know as the Russian Barbell twist is a great functional core exercise that can help you generate more power when preforming any rotational movement. It was developed by Russian shot put throwers, to enable them to throw further, fortunately for you, it can also help in many different tasks and sports in today’s modern society, for example if you’re into any of the following sports: boxing,Mix martial arts,golf,hockey,baseball,football,cricket and the list can go on, or even if you’re trying to get your daily chores done,like chopping firewood. Research has shown that the Full contact twist can help you generate more power when preforming any of theses rotation movements.


  • Keep your arms locked
  • Rotate the hips, and the feet(as shown in the video)
  • Focus on using your core muscle to twist the bar
  • Grip the bar at the top
  • The bar should touch your hips when lowered
  • If you are new to exercising, start with a more basic exercise like the plank.

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