As a kid, the playground was one of my favorite places to be, and still is today, a regular playground can offer a number of different exercise equipments . Today we’ll be focusing on the swing. When ever i mention to someone that i use a swing to workout, they start make all kind of weird faces trying to figure out what exactly i can do on a swing to get a good workout.So today I’ll share my top 5 exercises i do using a swing set.


A swing can work just like most suspension equipment does, exercises such as back rows, suspended push ups, L sits, swinging L sits, Pistol squat  and a number of different exercises can be done just using the swing, the good thing about using a swing is that almost anywhere you go there’s always a playground located close by, and the swing is a staple in every playground.


As shown in most of my previous post, the L sit is one of my favorite core strengthening exercise, if you never did an L sit before check out my L sit post on how to properly do an L sit. I’ll highly recommend using any kind of gloves to protect your hands when doing it on the chains of the swing.To do an L sit on a swing simply hold onto the chains and raise your legs until your doing an l sit

.The swinging L sit

If you’ve mastered doing the regular L sit and you’re ready for something more challenging, trying doing the swinging L sit. To do this exercise you’ll need to use the swings for younger kids because they provide a bigger handle for you to hold onto. Step back a couple of feet, and hold onto the handle( the part that connects the seat to the Chains, it usually looks like a triangle) then just hold on and swing keeping yourself in an L sit position.

Back rows/Single arm back rows

Suspended back rows is a great exercise to target the middle and upper back muscles. just start by holding the handles on the swing, position yourself as shown in the first picture and pull up and and back to starting position. Try to avoid rocking your hips when doing this, it should be slow and controlled. To increase the intensity try doing a 1 arm back row, when doing the 1 arm back row try to avoid twisting your body.

Suspended push up/ Plyometrics Push ups

The Push up is one of my favorite exercise, to make it really challenging using the swing try doing the suspended plyo push up, simply put you feet in the swing and hands on the ground as shown in the picture. Then  you can either do a regular push up or if you’re more advanced a plyometric push up.

The Ab Roll out

The Ab roll out mimic using an ab roller, this is a great way to train and prepare to properly do a standing ab roll-out.If you feel this is too advanced for you try doing the plank as a practice exercise first. Simple hold the swing in starting position as shown in the first picture, then roll out as far as you can. tips when doing this is to tighten your ab muscle and make sure your lower back is not sinking, if you feel any pain in your lower back you’re doing it wrong so stop and reposition yourself.

Bicycle Pistol squat

The Bicycle Pistol squat is a great functional exercise for your lower body. If you never did a pistol squat before check out my Pistol Squat post on how to properly learn to do a pistol squat.

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