Lower Body Stretches




Learn how to easily and properly stretch your lower body to prevent Injuries.





Whether you’re a marathon runner, or someone who never even jogged a mile. stretching your lower body can greatly improve any pain or discomforts you are feeling. But lets first take a look at the major muscle groups your lower body consists of.

  1. Quadriceps(Thighs)
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Glutes( your buttocks)
  4. Calves

Quadriceps Stretch

1. A great stretch for your Quadriceps is the Swiss ball quad stretch. (As shown in the picture below) position yourself on the Swiss ball as shown in the first picture, them slowly bring your hands to the floor as shown in the second picture and return back to starting position. Do it for a total of 12 repetitions. Make sure you take deep breaths and the movement is slow and controlled.






Hamstring Stretch

2. A great stretch for you Hamstring is the single leg hamstring stretch. As with all stretches your breathing is one of the most important factors so make sure you take deep breaths. simply start by laying flat on the floor, using a rope or ,a towel, place it under one of your foot and gently start raising the foot until you start feeling the stretch, once you establish a good stretch hold it for 30-60 seconds with deep breathing. Make sure you do both sides.






Calf Stretch

3.Most people who suffer from leg pain just have very tight muscles, the calf muscles are one of the most important muscle in your lower body. when the calf muscle are tight, they affect the whole body. A tight calf muscle creates tightness in the hamstrings which eventually can affect your pelvis and lower back if not addressed.To stretch the calf you should start by placing your upper feet onĀ  a half foam, or a rolled up towel and simply start walking forward with the other foot until you feel a stretch in the foot placed on the foam or towel,this can really test your balance at times so feel free to do it next to a wall and hold onto it or hold a stick.








The Half foam in the picture isn't clearly shown so this is what it basically looks like.

Hip Flexor Stretch

4.The last stretch on our list is the 90 90 stretch, as you can see below both my legs are bent into a 90 degree angle, thus the name 90 90 stretch. The 90 90 stretch is great for the muscles of your hip flexors( the muscle that enables your foot to lift off the ground).To start just get yourself in the 90 90 angle, then slowly start bending forward as show in the second picture, once you’ve reached your limit hold it and breath deeply for 30-60 seconds.

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