L sit

Learn how to workout using whatever surrounding you have

The most common excuse i hear for people gaining weight on vacation is that they didn’t have access to a gym so they couldn’t workout. Well i have good news for you today I’ll share with you some basic moves that can be done using your surroundings. i was in a wood lodge cabin in up state N.Y .

Decline push up

This exercise can be done almost anywhere, just find a wall, a tree or anything to put you body in an elevated position as demonstrated below. make sure your body is properly alined meaning there should be a straight line from head to heels .there are ton of different push ups that can be done check out the push up variations page to take a look.

Wood Chops

Unfortunately i couldn’t find an axe to actually chop wood with, but using any weighted object you can get a solid grip on will work just as good. in this case i used the firewood . wood chops is a great core exercise, it works all the core muscles in a functional manner.

Pull up/L sit pull ups

Pull ups is one of my favorite exercises, it works your complete upper body and can be done almost anywhere, the L sit pull ups are a little more advanced but it should be your next goal if you cant do 1 yet.

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