What is a Renegade Row

Renegade rows are one of the most effective abdominal exercises. it was developed by coach John Davies and can be done using either kettlebells or dumbbells. The reason why it is such a great abdominal exercise is because it forces you to use your deep tissue abdominal muscle (stabilization muscle), whichrarely gets used in most traditional abdominal exercises.


How to do a Renegade Row:

If you never did a renegade row before a great way to start would be practicing planks.    To begin the renegade row get either your kettlebells or dumbbells and come down into a push-up position on them. your gonna keep your feet atleast shoulder width apart for stability purposes from there  we’re going get into a plank position all your gonna preform one row at a time alternating to the next hand.

important to know:

  • make sure it’s done on a flat solid surface.
  • keep your hips stable and maintain proper form
  • keep the elbow of the supporting hand on the floor locked.
  • use the right weights: if your hip and lower back start twisting a lot its time to lower the weights
  • Target muscles:


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